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Hello and welcome! My name is Sarah.

What to say about me? Well, my ancestors were vikings and Sikh warriors, but I'm just a 5"1' kid from Singapore. I've lived in three countries and speak a few different languages, and travelling is exhilirating, but I'm the kind of person that loves home best of all (a little hobbitish, I realise). I also have four cats waiting for me there, which is extremely encouraging :-)

I'm a creative, and absolutely need to make or do something every day. Writing is my main outlet, but I'm also a musician (of many instruments), and like dabbling in art. When I'm not doing that, I'm trying to check off my list of a million things to learn - world history, from now to all the way back and everywhere and everything in between; philosophy from different eras; literature from across all lands, including mythologies; languages, real or mythic, living or dead; and that's just some of it. Sometimes it's even something as seemingly simple as knitting, but it's fun to learn new ways to do old things.

This blog was started very recently, because of the next most important thing about me: I'm a huge Tolkien nerd. I joined LiveJournal to be a part of Back To Middle-earth Month 2017, and since then, I've been excited to share both my fannish adventures here, and little ramblings and insights into my own life. If you'd like to read my little ramble about how I came to be a Tolkien fan, you can find it here!

Right now, I'm studying International Relations at university and hope to get into the foreign service once I'm done. Concurrently, I'm working on an original novel. It's definitely going to be published - you can count on that!

If you'd like to friend me, do drop me a line if you will, but either way I will check out your profile when I get the notification and likely will friend you back :-)

All the best!


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