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Today I've been caught up in the exciting business of learning languages!

As someone who grew up in a country that has four official languages, and a household that codeswitched between 2 and sampled from 2 more in nearly every conversation, under the upbringing of mother who is a literature and language arts teacher, linguistics has always been a niche - but integral - area of my interest. We've a bookshelf at home utterly flooded with books for the learning of several languages, many of which we shall likely never learn but are utterly fascinated by. I once bought a book about Beginner's Finnish - why on earth should I ever have reason to learn Finnish? Well, anything can happen I suppose, but surely French or Mandarin ought to take precedence.

I am currently living in Spain and so learning Spanish, both as a course in my degree and as necessity; I also take German for the fun of it (strange statement, I realise). However, in my personal time, I like to explore other languages and teach them to myself.

In particular, I find learning to read new scripts utterly fascinating. Learning to read the roman letters used in English was so organic, I didn't even have to think about it! Which was a boon, really, considering that I ended up reading decidedly un-childlike books like the Lord of the Rings when I was the slim age of 7 or 8. Now, learning other scripts is like actually following a process to learn something that once upon a time seemed to come so simply. It's always so exciting to learn to do so, however. Imagine how many things one could read, how many languages one could read, if one only had the tools! Several languages have similar scripts or sounds corresponding to these scripts, after all.
So, what two languages am I teaching myself in my spare time?Read more... )

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