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Yesterday I was out in shorts, catching some rays in the garden of the uni residence - today I'm back in layers and fluff and the sky is steel grey. The weather in Spain is mad! Folk have begun to trim the dead branches of trees, though. There've been little bonfires burning since this morning, punctured by the sound of chainsaws trimming the boughs. Grey skies, cold, and bonfires makes me think more of 'autumn' than 'spring'. Who'd've thought the equinox was just yesterday?

I've begun work on a new pet project of mine. I'm taking a look at Norwegian mythology and fairytales, and I'm going to make some urban-fantasy-ish remixes of these stories. Think Asbjørnsen and Moe meet Holly Black. Most will probably be set in my ancestral home county of the Trøndelag. I really want to bring a sense that the myths are alive in Norway; that they're not just off in some inaccessible part of the mountains, but could be found in the copse of woods behind your house, or on the edge of the city at night. Stories a grandparent may have told you about things in the woods and rivers; the reasons behind unspoken rules; a weird part of the city or a deserted backlot; a body of water, an abandoned farm, a little woodland somewhere. I'm getting advice from family who've lived there longer than I ever have, and I'm excited to share some of the stories as they get written!

Pictured: The nøkk, a malevolent water spirit. Art by Theodor Kittelsen, "Nøkken" (1904).

In other news, my next entry for B2MeM is well underway and I'm looking forward to sharing it hopefully by tomorrow evening, if not by today! I also have an account now on Many Paths To Tread (under the usual penname, Fernstrike), which I'm so happy and excited about.

Usually my afternoon would be free, and I would spend it in the library writing something - ideally, those Norway stories. This weather especially gives so much inspiration! Unfortunately, two lectures were rescheduled for today (darn it all), so the chill writing sesh is a no-go.

Have a great day everyone!


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