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Mar. 19th, 2017 05:28 pm
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So, the trip to the city wasn't supposed to involve a book haul - especially when I was hardly looking for an extensive English section in Madrid - but as it sometimes (alright, always) happens with me, I find a way. Turns out that the basement of the Casa del Libro in Gran Via has a huge languages section and a wide range in English. For only about two walls worth it's really very good!! I limited myself to four volumes. These are the spoils.

  1. "The Complete Robot" by Isaac Asimov. Sci-Fi isn't usually my province, but Asimov is one of the exceptions. Long ago I read "I, Robot", after watching the film, and his work has stuck with me ever since. Glad to finally have a complete set of the robot stories!

  2. "The Lay of Aotrou and Itroun" by J.R.R. Tolkien. After learning that it had just recently come out, I regretted not looking for it while back home in Singapore, so that I could get a copy and keep it safe on my Tolkien shelf. Behold - that little basement English section in Casa del Libro has a solid collection of Tolkien's work, both legendarium and non-legendarium. This was a surprise and exciting find!

  3. "The Shell Seekers" by Rosamunde Pilcher. My mum first read this book many years ago and it has been a favourite of hers ever since. She's begun rereading it, so when I saw the volume in thee shop, I decided to get myself a copy and read along too.

  4. "The Travels of Ibn Battutah" edited by Tim Mackintosh-Smith. This was a chance find and semi-impulsive purchase. It seems to be an ancient travelogue written by a scholar, native to Tangier, at the height of the Islamic Empire. It should prove to be very interesting, as he travels around Africa, the Levant, Central, Eastern, and Southeast Asia - and from the introduction, it seems his travels are far grittier and wittier than those recorded by Marco Polo, who died shortly before Ibn Battutah began his journey. I love this particular editions of pocket classics, once done by an independent publishing house, though their cover adesign and cloth has changed somewhat.

I will certainly update on how these books are!

In other news, I got my dress for the spring ball! Can't wait to show photos once the day rolls around. I do believe we hit a jackpot with this one. I've been so lax with being involved on B2MeM; I'm going to spend today reading and reviewing, and will hopefully get back to posting some stuff tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep up with that AND Fëanorian Week!

Wishing everyone a fine day.

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